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About Pablo (pabloji)

He was born in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. Since he was 7 years old he has been developing an intense music career that has brought him to tours throughout Latin America, Europe and the US. As well as a reknown international career, Pablo has an important labour as a teacher in the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo where he created 2 chairs. On top of all this, he has won several prizes in diverse music styles.

In 1995 he did a profound investigation on respiration connecting breathing to performance of diverse world flutes and to daily life. He observed the need of an accurate breathing as the base for contemplating the present moment, cultivating this way the immersion in silence. He developed what he calls the Amuki respiration. This is not a technique that should become a mechanic nor a repetitive action, but instead a way to acknowledge, share and comprehend the benefits and potential of accurate breathing.

Ever since a child Pablo has been fond on  pure air and since 2000 has started a  body purification process including vegetarianism. By the approach to creative silence, the observation of the thinking process is made with full attention, and real facts are distinguished from illusory ones. He has been able to observe that love and compassion are beyond words and start when the absolute calm of silence exists.

In 2008 he proclaims that only in silence true communication can start and that the sound of world flutes contributes to creating the link to reality, the fact of life itself.

Pabloji decides to take action and promote its sensibility by promoting the use of worldwide flutes as love instruments and the internal/external knowledge through silence. Pabloji expects this full awareness of present moment to be the starting point for action in social, humanitarian and cultural grounds aimed to reach world peace.

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