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Diario Uno. 04/ 10 / 2007. Mendoza , Argentina.
“Pablo Salcedo wins national award.”
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“Flutist and saxophone player Pablo Salcedo will be awarded with the “Condor de Fuego” to trajectory at a ceremony taking place next Monday in La Plata (Buenos Aires).

Salcedo, who is also a singer and one of Markama’s engines, will receive the award from the “Asociación Estampas y Memorias”, together with important musicians such as Suma Paz, Argentino Luna, Daniel Altamirano, “Los de Salta” and Eduardo Amadeo (Los Fronterizos)

Dichos y Hechos. 03/ 2007 Revista Cultural. Neuquén, Argentina.
“Holy Moseño”

“The son of the wind, Pablo Salcedo, after opening many ears, feelings and unconventional ways with his independent solo album “Mas alla del pensamiento” (Beyond Thoughts), invites us again to travel the space of wind weavers. This time it is through “Moseño Sagrado” (Holy Moseño) that we get to give oxygen to our fragmented interior by the sharp stalactite of winds. It leads us to acknowledge our tribal, profound, desperate howls. Holy Moseño brings us information about what we once were and some clue on how to return to that…

Diario Los Andes. 12 de abril de 2007. Mendoza, Argentina
“Moseño will be the only protagonist”
By Pablo Pereyra.
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“Markama’s member has specialized in an unusual instrument.”

Tonight  Pablo Salcedo will bring his passion for Andean instruments to its furthest with the presentation of his second solo album “Holy Moseño”. This is a very personal tribute to one of the most spiritual sounds born in Bolivia.
After his first solo album “Mas alla del pensamiento” (Beyond thoughts), where he combined his particular studies of a group of Andean wind instruments, he works now with only one, the Moseño. He uses a personal method for performing which he has prepared for a year now. His first contact with the instrument happened in 1994 when Pablo became a member of Markama. He could then collect several moseños and search for its slippery origins throughout the tours the band made. Pablo was surprised by the amazement moseño created over a group of Ohio State University students who, after hearing it at a venue, asked him to play it in a protest against the war in Iraq. There, in front of a crowd, the sound of moseño aroused the pacifist spirit of a whole culture. Salcedo decided to dedicate a full album to moseño and therefore be a pioneer since his studio recording has no antecedent.

Diario Los Andes. 12 de abril de 2007. Mendoza, Argentina
A transparent album
By Pablo Pereyra
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“Moseño Sagrado” continues and goes deeper into the way Salcedo’s previous album “Mas alla del pensamiento” began. That is to say, long nights for improvisation following a cutting edge method. The album is not divided into songs, but into moments. The 10 tracks do not follow any conventional song structure. Improvisation defined the length and characteristics of each track. Conceptual questions such as “Can I observe without naming?”, “Can mind stop comparing?” or “Can I hold you?” are explored in each track.

Diario Uno. Escenario. 12/ 03/ 2007. Mendoza, Argentina.
Pablo Salcedo presents his new album “Moseño Sagrado”
By Patricia Rodon.
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We are able to feel Pablo Salcedo’s many interests in a constant and soft way just like the air flows through his instruments. The result is beautiful music. 

Luján Magazine. 01/ 2007. Mendoza, Argentina.
“The musician who talks to the wind”.

“A day like any other in 1974 for many people, but not for the wind. That year one of his best performers was born: Pablo Salcedo”

Diario Uno. Escenario. 12 de abril de 2007. Mendoza, Argentina.
The saxophone teacher.               
By Patricia Rodón.

“For Pablo Salcedo quenas, flutes, moseños, sikus, ocarinas, anatas and erkes have no secrets. Neither the saxophone. This is what prestigious Saxophone Journal magazine confirms by having Pablo on its latest edition cover”.

Saxohpone Journal. Volumen 31, Número 2. Nov - Dec2006. USA
Pablo Salcedo

“Pablo Salcedo es un multi talentoso artista argentino quien ha tenido el honor de crear una de las primeras cátedras de saxofón en Argentina. Es un exponente de la World music. Ha ganado numerosos premios en performance y composición tanto en música clásica como popular. Además es integrante del grupo Markama, la agrupación más importante de música étnica en Argentina.”

Fragments of Andean dreams.
By Pablo Pereyra. Diario Los Andes. Newspaper 4th july 2004. Mendoza, Argentina
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Last Friday, one of Markama members showed his composer skills with a new material inspired by improvisation captivating those who went to the Teatro Independencia.

”Mas alla del pensamiento” (“Beyond thoughts”)  is a direct trip, with no words or interruptions, towards prehispanic indigenous roots. It is a mix of a large quantity of wind instruments that combine wood, leather, ceramics and cane complemented with percussion”.

“his mystical show went through oniric, disturbing, melancholic atmospheres, going from euphoria to peacefulness with the use of silence and several sounds as part of the performance. His daring and inspired work is a personal piece that breaks with conventional structures and explores the instrumental aesthetics of the Andes with a clear conceptual evocation of the high spiritual universe aroused by the sounds of these mountains”.
”Well known artists such as Pepe Sanchez, Quique Oesch, Eduardo Pinto and others as well as pictures of landscapes and indigenous faces complemented the show. A great care put into the lights and shapes helped to create a coherent general concept.”

Previously perfomed last summer in front of 15000 people at the Americanto festival, this personal and awarded show marked the height and potencial of this musician from Mendoza who keeps stepping forward.

“Mi carrera solista no genera conflicto con Markama”.                                                               
Por Gabriela Moreno. Diario Los Andes. Espectáculos. Domingo 21 de marzo de 2004. Mendoza, Argentina.                                 Ver nota completa: 
“Pablo Salcedo brilló en el Americanto”

Diario Los Andes. Espectáculos. 04 / 15 / 2002. Mendoza, Argentina.

“Markama showed ‘Aguas Claras’ in a humble and full of quality performance”
By Walter Gazzo.

“Pablo Salcedo was excellent performing wind instruments, making clear that a big part of Markama’s show depends on him”.

Novedoso instrumento
Sonidos de Mendoza que recorren el mundo                                                                                       
Por René Vargas Vera. LA NACIONLINE | Espectáculos
Viernes 12 de Julio de 2002. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"Pablo Salcedo viajará a los EE.UU. para presentar la quena cromática"

Diario Los Andes. Fin de Semana. 05/ 25 / 2001. Mendoza, Argentina.
Markama: Folklore de Altura. By Leonardo Rearte.

“Pablo Salcedo: Responsible for the flawless sound of Markama’s wind instruments.”

Diario Uno. 03/ 02 / 1995. Mendoza , Argentina.
Americanto, un lujo en la primera noche. By Fernando G. Toledo.

“Arsenio Zambrano, Walter Sabattini, Nene Avalos, Mingo Casciani and, specially Pablo Salcedo, become amazing musicians when they join together under the name of Markama ...”

Diario Los Andes. Arte y Espectáculos. 05 / 30 / 1995. Mendoza, Argentina.
Para que se luzcan Jóvenes Intérpretes. By R.B. Editor in Chief: Jorge Oviedo.

“First of all, Pablo Salcedo was bright in the performance of the difficult Concert of Carl Nielsen, the Danish national composer. The concert, often performed, looked new because of the contribution of this talented young intrumentist, who has a wide sound range, tune, technique, and expressivity with no flaws.”

Diario Los Andes. Arte y Espectáculos 06 / 02 / 1994. Mendoza, Argentina.
High Quality Young Season. Editor in Chief: Jorge Oviedo.

“The Concert for flute and strings orchestra of Johan Kvandal had Pablo Salcedo’s presence as the soloist. The talented, young musician played admirably his difficult part, with skills of a high level flutist, with clear and wide sound, having solid technical knowledges.

La Nación. 09 / 05 / 1992. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Children and Young Musicians. By René Vargas Vera

“Salcedo, the Mendocino musician, impresses with his dance steps while he plays Debussy or Doppler’s ‘Hungarian Pastorale Fantasy.’ He has a huge impact on the silent audience.”