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Beyond Thougths. 2004

Contemporary andean flutes landscapes.
I Prize AMERICANTO "Best Traditional Performance". 2004.
"TRIMARG" 2005 Prize "Best Ethnic Recording". Argentinian Music Tribune.

Holy Mohoceño.  2007

"TRIMARG" 2008 Prize "Best Ethnic Recording". Argentinian Music Tribune.2008.

About the Mohoceño:  is a wind instrument made of cane coming from the Mohoza region, Inquisivi province, La Paz, Bolivia. It is generally used in ‘troops’ that interpret joyful melodies that represent the festive spirit of valley men. In the loneliness of the mountain, the largest moseño is also utilized as a meditative and contemplation instrument. As regards its name ‘moseño’, we can also find many variations such as mohoceno, moxeno, moceno, mosenio among others. Sacred Mohoseno. The sound of the moseno is healing, full of compassion and love. It impregnates our hearts finely pacifying the thoughts, fears and anguish. All these feelings motivate the present recording, the first discographic work dedicated to the solo moseno where the creation is born from spontaneity. It was recorded in a state of observation of the current moment without any stylistic bindings. Pablo Salcedo. Moseno y percussion. Recorded by Pablo Salcedo Mastered by Paul Verna & Vernacular Music. Art design: Pablo Pol Produced & Edited by Pablo Salcedo Edition Year: 2007

Dew Trovador (Trovador del Rocío). Homage to Cuyo region

The music of every culture has gradually grown due to the contributions of poets, composers and performers. Many of these have been spontaneous and unintentional. Many others have come out from the precise and thoughtful conscience of those who want to leave a sign, a tribute.
I believe this work of Pablo Salcedo, who has again shown his best will by inviting excellent musicians that share his high creativity and performance, is one of those voluntary contributions that will last.
It's important that young people of such talent join together to be evidence of the music of this land, conserving the essence that lies in every great tradition.
Besides, it's necessary to comment on the accurate choice of repertory plus the instruments that identify Pablo's present and the contemporary sound, a present vision that projects itself forward.
I celebrate the release of this mature and serious work. It surely arrives to stay.

Juan Alberto “Nene” Ávalos

Musician - Journalist
Proffesor “Latinoamerican Popular Music I & II”
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Mendoza - Argentina

Gualicho. 1998

A tour through the sounds and rythms of Latin America.
Gualicho is... a poison to enchant!

Aguas Claras. 2001

Expands the limits of Latin American folk music with a totally novel and original CD. Old sounds together with those of the new millenium get united producing an unexpected evolution.

Danzas Argentinas. 2007

"TRIMARG" 2008 Prize "Best Fusion Folk Recording". Argentinian Music Tribune.,

Ama al Mundo. 2010
18 Cuerdas. Tangos en Perspectiva. 2007

Gardel Prize 2007 Nomination. Best new tango recording

Pablo`s work on Ejecutive Production, Recording, Mastering and flute